Best Longboard Brands ( Top 5 brand reviews)

best longboard brands

Best Longboard brands Thinking about words like stimulation and adventure, what clicks the mind first is either a skateboard or a Longboard. But the recent era has, altogether, seen an immense drift of popularity towards Longboards.Here in this topic, we are going to cover the best longboard brands to get a clear picture of the product. […]

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Santa Cruz Longboards (Top Reviews)

Santa Cruz Longboards

Santa Cruz Longboards Santa Cruz is a brand which comes with over 40 years of skateboard knowledge and innovation. Santa Cruz as a brand needs no introduction as it is a reputed name in the longboard industry. Santa Cruz Longboards are known for their unique surfing boards, which manage to capture the attention of beginners […]

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Top Atom Longboards : Reviews

Atom Longboards

Atom Longboards Atom, a unique brand is a creation of the company MBS. This particular brand is known for its amazing and spellbound designs. The quality of the materials is worth the mention. Atom Longboards cost almost half of any other brands longboards but offers excellent quality boards. It is usually ideal for entry level […]

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Quest Longboard Skateboards Super Cruiser Review

Quest longboard

Quest Longboard Quest as a brand fits well to the needs of all the riders alike. Quest Longboards is, basically, designed for people who do not want to spend much on the longboard. They are usually inexpensive and offers extraordinary performance. All their longboards come with a long lasting service and from beginners to experienced skaters, […]

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Sector 9 Longboards (Top Reviews)

sector 9 longboards

Sector 9 Longboards The brand Sector nine (Sector 9) needs no introduction. It is one of the leading names in the longboard industry. A brand from California, renowned for making the most sophisticated longboards. It came into existence in 1993. Their high-quality products accompanied by a sleek and sophisticated designing is what makes them stand […]

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