Drop Through Longboards

Drop Through Longboards
Drop Through Longboards Longboard Review

Longboarding is almost similar to skateboarding and has been grabbing eyeballs since the day it has been launched. A longboard is a sports equipment that should out the process of longboarding. There has been no lie to the fact that buying a longboard is one of the toughest purchase decisions to be made by people, especially beginners.

A lot of questions pop up in mind like, “What type of longboarding do I want to do?  To make the things clear, Let’s get familiar with Drop through Longboards category.

Drop through Longboards

The Drop through Longboards are, basically, used as a freeride Longboard. A Drop through Longboard has a cutout in the deck that simply allows the base-plates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck.

The main, highlighting aspect of this design is a lower center of gravity that offers more stability. Some of the main features of this longboard are as follows:

  1. The cutout is basically used with drop through trucks to lower the board giving more stability at higher speeds.
  2. The drop-thru design provides for easier pushing and easier sliding.
  3. It is usually preferred by free riders, freestylers and downhillers due to the ability of this design to ensure stability.
  4. The lower deck comes with more wheel clearance to prevent wheel bite.

Thus, go for these Longboards if you are looking out for a freeriding experience with a touch of convenience. For city riding, a drop through is probably a better idea as sliding and drifting are much easier on a drop-through design.

This type of board is amazing for a long distance pusher and makes a great commuter board.

Rimable Drop through Longboard (41-inch)

Drop Through Longboards

This beautiful and awesome longboard is specially designed for beginners or children above thirteen.  Rim able Drop-through Longboard is one of the best longboard available in the market.

This Longboard comes with70x51 mm PU wheels. These wheels are very strong and stable which gives a comfortable riding to the riders. The deck of the longboard is 9.5 inch.

This is a perfect longboard for performing tricks and also for commuting.

The ide-trucks of this Rim able drop-through Longboard provides increased stability. The deck of this longboard is located very low to the ground which provides low cater of gravity.

Rimable Drop-Through Longboard comes with the attractive body design. The scroll graphics are printed on the board. This is a durable and reliable product which promises excellent quality.

It meets all the requirement of customers with higher satisfaction.

Rimable drop through longboard is constructed with laminated maple deck.  the 9 ply maple makes it firm and strong as well. The longboard gives a safe riding while riding fast and turning.

The longboard comes with a high-quality grip tape. And it gives you effortless turning.

This could be a great longboard for heavy weight people. Its good width gives high performance and better balance.

This 41-inch longboard is the fantastic size for cruising. The 41-inch size is very popular. This size fits to most of the riders at any level.


  • 41X9.5 Inch Popular Size
  • Great board for smooth riding
  • Attractive design
  • Drop Through 7inch 180 ALUMINIUM TRUCK
  • Easier and lighter to handle
  • For high speed, this is a good board
  • ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant

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Drop Through Longboards
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