Drop Deck Longboards – How to Select Best one?

Drop Deck Longboards
Drop Deck Longboards Longboard Review

Drop Deck Longboards: It is rare that people have not heard of the term “skateboarding”. Longboarding is almost similar to skateboarding and has been grabbing eyeballs since the day it has been launched.

There has been no lie to the fact that buying a longboard is one of the toughest purchase decisions to be made by people, especially beginners. However, If you are not cluttered, in your mind and know what exactly you require, this decision can turn out to be much simpler.

A lot of questions pop up in mind like, “What type of longboarding do I want to do? Do I want to bomb hills or cruise flats?  Do I want to do a lot of carving? Or do I want to perform tricks such as power slides and dancing?” Factors like comfort and stability do play a major role.

There are several factors that you need to look into when choosing the right type of longboards. These include:-

  1. The design influences of the longboards– The design of the deck is the main point when it comes to constructing a complete board. Longboard decks come in concave, flat, or camber shapes. Flat decks are great for cruising or relaxed rides while camber decks allow more bounce.
  2. The materials used– The longboard decks come in wood or composite material.
  3. The length– Longboards are longer than the skateboards. The lengthiest boards are good for cruising and dancing.
  4. The wheelbase– The longer the wheelbase the more stability the board will have.
  5. The deck- The longboard deck refers to the long and flat board surface that you stand on when you are skateboarding.
  6. The flexibility- Decks made of wood tend to be flexible and decks made of composite material tend to be stiff. The stiff longboard decks give more of a sense of control and are great for drifting.
  7. The width- A wider deck can make you feel more secure by allowing your entire foot to be on the surface.

Choosing a right deck becomes a quintessential factor around which whole of your longboarding experience determines. To begin with, let’s have a look at various types of longboards available in the market and which one would match your requirements:

Type of longboards (Shape wise)

  • Drop through Longboards (Our Review)
  • Pintail Longboards (Our Review)
  • Drop Down Longboards (Our Review)

Drop Deck Longboards

The main, highlighting feature of this design is a drastic lowering in the center of gravity. This design particularly features curves and concaves.

Drop decks are shaped so that your feet are below the truck mount point. If offers stability at high speeds. Mostly, these decks are used for downhill longboarding.

  1. The low center of gravity offers stability and better slide control.
  2. The feet of the rider are as close to the playground as possible.
  3. In this, trucks are mounted from underneath.

For people who want to experience longboarding with the comfort and security of their feet locked in while riding, this one is for you.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

Best Longboard for Beginners

Full Review for this product: Atom Longboards

Double Drop Longboards

Double drop boards bring you closer to the ground than any other deck and feature both

  • Drop through trucks and
  • A drop deck style

Talking about stability, they are one of the most stable board types available in the market. Two drops equal double drop. It is absolutely perfect for true downhill riders. It even features a cut-out on the board’s drop-through design.

For people who need greater stability while moving fast, this one is a perfect buy.


The longboard decks come in an almost overwhelmingly wide variety of size, shape, stiffness, camber profile, and concave style. Sift through all the options and value all the key factors while buying a Longboard.

Choose the perfect one and make your Longboarding experience a worth one!

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